4. Reflect and Take Action

Reflection Table:Screenshot 2016-06-06 12.50.56

We have a downloadable file here of reflections about Climate Change. Please download it here. Climate Change Reflection Booklet.

Here, the Ambassador can carry on a discussion with participants. Frequently, most participants have not thought about our interconnectedness with regard to climate change. Many are not aware that the United States has emitted the most greenhouse gasses and has contributed most to climate change. Nor do most people realize that people in poor countries feel the effects of climate change the most. The Reflection Booklet has short passages from Pope Francis’s teaching on climate and from other faiths.

Try to spend a little time with each participant to help them understand the simulation they just participated in.


Advocacy Table:

The Ambassador standing at the advocacy table gives the participants either a letter such as the one linked to here or a computer or tablet to write to Congress.

Advocacy can take numerous forms. We link to the CRS site on advocacy Confront Global Poverty, where participants can ask Congress to support the Green Climate Fund.

You could also print out letters for participants to sign and address and add their own thoughts. There petitions then could be sent or taken to Congress.

If you have other ideas for advocacy, please write to us at the bottom of this website and we will include your ideas.

As participants depart, here are two take-aways to give them. (downloadable: right-click)

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